Saturday, June 14, 2014

One Month

Here are some favorite pictures from Eevie's first month! This month will probably have the most pictures since she was so new and we were soaking in EVERY.LITTLE.THING. :)
coming home from hospital // my view every time i checked her diaper inside her pretty nightgowns 

 princess hands. all the time. 

sometimes she would stare up at me for 15 minutes straight. sometimes she even put her little hand on my chest as if to say, "yes mama, I know you."

her "gas" smiles. oh, they felt so real. 

I woke up one morning to this!

fell asleep on the pediatrician's exam table

blue steel 

peach fuzz & that little profile. ahh.

finger toes!

she squirms her head far out of the wrap so she can look around, and sometimes stare up at me. I die.

one month old! pound it.

Newborn Shoot

Here are some favorites from her newborn shoot when she was 2 weeks old. :)

the bow I wore in the hospital as a baby ^^

And here are some of my favorite non-edits:
^^ haha! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Birth Story

Oh hai, I had a baby three months ago.

You should be happy that I'm posting about it this early because I still have about 15 thank-you cards to write and I chose this first! I'll probably get to the thank-you cards by the time she is six months.

It took us 24 hours after she was born to decide on a name, but here she is!

Birth Story:
The Wednesday before she was born I had my 38 1/2 week appointment. The doctor said she was measuring 7 lbs, but also measuring a March 21 due date?! Very confusing and disheartening because I did NOT want to push out a 9-lb baby and I also did not want to wait 2 more WEEKS. 

I started asking every young mother I know their favorite natural ways to induce labor, and I did most of them. (Even curb walking, which looks slightly RIDICULOUS when you're walking by yourself on the busiest street in town.) Well, two nights later on Friday I felt a cramp and had zero idea what that meant, so I just nonchalantly mentioned it to my beloved. He didn't know either so we just sat there, like, "Cool..." and decided to go to bed since we stayed up until 2:00 a.m. watching "Gravity" because we had five years until our baby comes so why not waste our precious sleeping hours? Matt even said before we fell asleep, "I'm so excited for her to come, but if she, like, came tomorrow... I'm not ready for that!" And we laughed and the cameras zoomed out of our apartment, panning the San Diego skyline as the audience smirked at the irony and laughed at our expense.

I woke up around 4:30 a.m. (never happens) with more cramping (these are called "contractions") and I proceeded to text every mother I know AGAIN asking what labor signs are. I had contractions every 5-12 minutes until about 6:00/7:00 when they became every 3-8 minutes. Still wasn't sure if this was the real deal or not (cue audience laughter at my expense) since it happened so suddenly and I had never experienced false labor before. During this time I cleaned the house, did laundry, checked things off my "prepare for baby" checklist, put on make-up, etc.  I decided to wake up Matt because, who knows, maybe I'd want my husband to go with me to the hospital to deliver his child? Maybe? If this was all real, you know. We even called his doctor father to see if we should go to the hospital. He said, "Um.. contractions every 4-7 minutes for the past few hours? YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE THAT BABY AT HOME IF YOU DON'T LEAVE NOW." (more or less.... that was the gist.)

We left, even had a few laughs on the drive there (in between contractions, of course), checked into triage, was dilated at a TWO, water broke, contractions got SO.MUCH.WORSE, felt the worst pain in my entire life, broke into a ridiculous sweat, yelled "NURSE! I need SOMETHING for this pain!", Matt got embarrassed I'm sure by me yelling and walking around with an open hospital gown because why the heck would I care if my booty is hanging out when all I am thinking is THIS IS HOW I AM GOING TO DIE, they bumped me up to delivery before another lady who was dilated at a 7 because she's all sipping her ice water like she's laying on a Barbados beach, they try to check my cervix again before giving me the epidural and I yell "Get out of there!", I get the epidural, and then... I smile. I apologize to the nursing staff and say, "See, I told you I'm a very nice and pleasant person normally." Matt laughs because I'm smiling. They check my cervix. They say, "There's like, no cervix. She's fully dilated. I'm touching the head."  

Ah HA! So I WASN'T acting unreasonable. I KNEW I couldn't still be dilated to a 2. I KNEW I almost birthed this baby on the elevator floor. I pushed. I pushed again. I pushed one more time and my baby came flying out like one of those circus midgets that gets shot out of a canon. She slid right through the doctor's hands and Matt and I gasped and almost died when she nearly dropped our newborn purple alien. It is now 11:40 a.m., three hours after getting to the hospital. 

And we had our baby.

Our beautiful baby girl that we called... baby girl. They put her on my chest and Matt and I stared at her while she struggled to open her eyes for the first time. Oh those puffy little eyelids! Those eyebrows that were raised soooooo high as if they themselves could pull open her top eyelid! She finally got them open and Matt and I quietly cheered for her first accomplishment. (First accomplishment post making her way down and out the birth canal.)  

And that is how princess Eevie came into the world. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentine's Day!

{I apologize in advance: This day was important to me, not because it was Valentine's Day. So I go into great, lengthy detail so that I will remember every single thing about this special night when I read about it in the future. It is completely for my benefit. ;) Xoxo.}

I sort of freaked out a few weeks before Valentine's Day. It really hit me that our lives are going to change FOREVER when this child is born. I knew it would change for the better, of course, but I felt like we were saying goodbye to a very huge part of our lives and I wanted a proper "send off" to this irreplaceable non-parenting era.

Matt and I have had so much fun these past 3 years as newlyweds. I'm so glad we had that time to get to know each other really well, have adventures, get through school, and just be "us". During this freak out, I wasn't worried we wouldn't have fun anymore once the baby comes... I just felt like we really needed to commemorate the memories and special time we've had as M&M.  :)

Matt and I don't spoil ourselves. We never spend a lot of money on gifts or trips or dinners. We're poor college students, happy and content with small, meaningful gifts and memories. So when I asked Matt if he would take care of Valentine's this year, I didn't mean anything fancy. I just asked for a memorable night filled with great conversation; a final salute to the only time in our entire lives that we only have each other. And he blew me away!

He usually works pretty late, and I actually was expecting him to this day as well, surprisingly. But right after arriving home around 3:30 from shopping for his gift (yeah I'm not a procrastinator), there was a knock on the door. I thought it was the maintenance man to fix the washer, so I didn't think anything of it as I opened the door. But there was Matt... handsome as ever... with this adorable thing in his hands:
we laughed at the zebra. why a zebra? in a monkey/koala position?

We got in the car and he started driving towards the coast. I was guessing in my head where we were going, but we honestly haven't been in San Diego long enough for me to even know what's around! So I was completely surprised and unreal excited when we got closer and I realized he was taking me to Seaport Village! How dreamy is he, to research fun/neat places in the area and take me to the coolest restaurant he read about! It's called the Pier Cafe, and it has the most breathtaking character of any restaurant I've ever been to!
view from the inside

We were seated in the best place - it had an unbelievable view of the ocean, but was close enough to the entrance that we still felt the open air from the sea. 

So I'm usually wary about the food at fancy places like this. It's either not very delicious, or really small portions. UM NOT! SO much food, and it was SO delicious! I wish every day was a special occasion so I could eat that meal again. 

While we ate, we talked and stared at the ocean. Kayakers appeared out from under the restaurant, sail boats and battleships went past, and a pod of dolphins frolicked right in front of us for a solid 5-10 minutes! We don't have a picture because Matt was too busy yelling, "Dolphins! Dolphins!" for me to look, haha! He was probably more excited for the battleships though. Those things are massive!

We shared the most DELECTABLE dessert, Matte folded me a fancy napkin ;), and then we walked around Seaport Village. 

We stopped at an adorable candy shoppe and I found out Matt's ACTUAL favorite candy (where the heck have I been the past 4.5 years?), and found the carousel! {Not pictured.} We were totally going to be kids again and ride it, but it had just closed for the night. Walking around this place with the dazzling lights at night time was so romantic and the perfect ending to our day. When we got to the car, we were parked right by an aircraft carrier that was holding a party. A FANCY party -- people dressed for the red carpet, I swear. I wanted to sneak onto it and peak at the dancing people and decor.  :)

Thanks Matt for the most perfect Valentine's Day I've ever had, and the most perfect way to sign off as non-parents! I can't wait for our NEXT chapter, and the fulfillment and joy being parents will bring us. You are already the best dad in the world. 

I love you.