Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Adventure

Rexburg | Idaho. Photo stolen from the BYU-Idaho website because I tried to capture this
beautiful frost wonderland in a photo and it just didn't do it justice like this does. 

So much to catch up on since my gender reveal post!

This past fall semester Matt had been working on finding an internship for the upcoming spring semester (April-July). The plan was to go to school during winter semester (January-April), which is normally his off-track semester, walk at graduation in April after the baby was born, and then move away to an internship that would hopefully lead into a job offer at its conclusion. He worked so hard, and had several promising interviews - including Texas and Utah.

At the end of November, we had our 3rd anniversary! Unfortunately, it was on a Tuesday that went like this: work and school from 8:00-5:00, play practice from 6:00-9:00, and then leaving town at 9:00 to go to Vegas for Thanksgiving. So, we had from 5:00-5:45 pm to celebrate. :) Matt gave me the most beautiful rose I have ever seen, along with the sweetest card. He told me my gift was inside the card, but I didn't see anything. He told me to look harder. When I looked on the back side of the paper insert, he had written sideways on the crease: "Ready to move to California?"

I of course screamed with excitement! California? It's only our DREAM to live in California! He began to tell me that he was offered an amazing internship/co-op opportunity with a company in southern California, but that there was a stipulation -- he had to start in January. Six weeks from now.

This meant the following things:

  • Moving in actually three weeks, because we were going to his parents' in California for one week during Christmas anyway, so we might as well leave at once instead of taking a week off of work just to quit one week later and drive 13 hours to and from California three times in three weeks.
  • Quitting my job earlier than expected, giving them only 2-weeks' notice. (More stressful than you could imagine.)
  • Packing and moving during finals week.
  • Leaving our beloved OB, Dr. Prince, and amazing hospital in small-town Rexburg that I was so comfortable with, to have to find a new doctor/hospital in southern California where you're just another pregnant woman on a conveyer belt. ;)
  • Matt graduating next December instead of this April because the co-op will last from January-August, so he will have to do his last semester in Fall 2014 instead of this winter.
  • Not blessing our baby in our amazing ward that we love and loves us and that Matt has taken care of for over two years. 
  • Not being able to babysit my best friend's 15-month old when she goes into labor with her twins in February. (This secretly really upset me.)
BUT. I of course told him how proud I was of him and how incredible of an opportunity this was. While we stewed over the pros and cons for the few days that we had to make our decision, the good SO outweighed the bad. (I would list the pros, but that feels weird and a little personal.) It was so fun to be with my family that week for Thanksgiving and tell them we might be moving down there. Their excitement combined with Matt's family's excitement made it feel like we had already made our decision -- which scared me at first since we HADN'T made our decision, but comforted me when we visited the temple and decided to go for it. 

My office behind a beautiful snowy Christmas-y tree.

When we got back to Idaho after Thanksgiving... the craziest three weeks of our lives commenced. We were so blessed to have so many people help us since I was out of the house from literally 8:00 am-9:00 pm every day with work and my play, and Matt was studying for all of his finals. When the play ended, we had our wonderful friends from out of town stay with us for a few days, which was actually more helpful than stressful. My great friends threw me a surprise last-minute baby shower so I could have one with my dear ward friends. Matt's dad was so selfless and drove his truck up to Rexburg (nearly killing himself in the process due to the craziest storm in Utah), packed our stuff, and took it back to California all in THREE days because we couldn't find a third person to drive a U-haul down there if we rented one. 

Matt and I fought a lot because of all the stress. :) Luckily, we had a wonderful last night in our trailer. I worked that day, and had a board meeting that night until about 9:30 p.m.  When I got home, all of our belongings were either in storage or packed away - except for two couches which the next tenants were buying from us. We snuggled up all cozy on those in our otherwise empty family room and discussed our fondness for our time in Rexburg, specifically the trailer, and the crazy future in store for us. 

And then, on December 20, we departed snowy Rexburg for the first time in our marriage, commencing the next adventure in the lives of m&m.  :)


  1. awww.. so sweet..! Bye bye rexburg!!

  2. Tears filled my eyes as I read this post. So many blessing from Father in Heaven. I just know you expanding your family in California and those precious first months will be nothing short of magical right by the beach! I am no happy for you guys. Such a wonderful new phase in life!